Ashland High to shutter doors through January 31

11 JANUARY 2022 | ASHLAND, OR. — After less than a week back at school following winter break, Ashland High School will shutter its doors after a staggering increase of cases driven by athletic teams, Superintendent Samuel Bognadove revealed in a January 10 email. But he doesn’t say it’s because staff are sick. It’s “due to staffing shortages,” Bognadove writes.

Substitutes are in short supply, and a large handful of classified positions, from bus drivers to teachers aides, are still vacant. That leaves nobody to help in the classrooms when a staff member is isolate or quarantined, forcing the closure. A classroom at John Muir Outdoor School is also moving to distance learning this week, according to the email.

Bognadove encourages parents and guardians to be prepared, and to have a “contingency plan for student(s) and family in the event of a move to short-term distance learning…”

All winter sports and other activities have been postponed until January 31 as well.

Read the full email here.

Ashland School District to shutter one day per month in 2022 due staffing shortages, provide teachers relief, planning time

for The Rogue Observer

14 DECEMBER 2021 | ASHLAND, OR. — It’s 3pm and the streets around Walker Elementary are peppered by groups of school children walking home from school. The air is crisp and cool enough that you can see their warm breath mixing with the crisp winter air. But those kids’ classroom days will be reduced starting next year by about 5%, due to staffing shortages and to provide teachers more time for wellness and planning.

“…we are facing a significant staffing shortage in classroom staff, transportation, custodial and other critical areas,” writes Superintendent Samuel Bogdanove in an email to parents to announce the change, and went on to describe a lack in substitutes. “When someone calls in sick, there is often no one to fill in for them,” he writes.

The district is partnering with community organizations to help provide childcare, but it’s unclear if it will come at a cost. “Scholarships are available,” writes Bogdanove.

The school district’s website has a handful of vacancies posted under their employment section. Bus drivers start at $16.33 per hour, and education assistants start at $14.87, according to the district’s website.

View the email here. ###